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Feeding like nature!

Since the beginning of domestication of horses, their natural environment has been considerably changing over thousands of years. The modern, fast moving and hectic everyday life requires a lot of both, humans as well as animals. Nutrition considerably contributes to supporting health, willingness to perform and balance of your horse. For 25 years, St. Hippolyt has been committed to exactly these different requirements and challenges when it comes to equine nutrition, and concentrates on these subjects during daily work and beyond.

Nutrition for all situations in life

Our extensive range of products aims at offering you the perfectly adapted and appropriate supplement feed for your horse for all situations in life, no matter whether pleasure, breeding or sports horse. Our products are known for their conceptual properties. Feeding like nature: A combination of natural ingredients, scientifically sound recipes and their processing according to the balance principle guarantees efficient feeds for the bene_ t of your horse. Our product catalogue 2013 provides you with plenty of information about our current product range, about our production methods and about our principles. Besides our approved products such as Struktur-Energetikum, the best of daily feeding, we also have the pleasure to present new products.

Complete feeds are the basis of our product range, serving as daily feeding basis of the horses. Whether pony or big horse, sport or pleasure horse, whether youngster or old horse, easy or bad keeper - St. Hippolyt products are designed to address all requirements. And St. Hippolyt products are also perfectly adapted to horses suffering from Cushing or Equine Metabolic Syndrome, laminitis or eczema.

St. Hippolyt specialties

St. Hippolyt also offers special supplement feeds from the areas of biointelligent nutrition, breeding and mineral feeds for special requirements. Our product ranges include the area of Horse Care products, featuring special feed compositions for the respiratory system, the liver, the coat, the skin and the hooves, supplements for stomach problems and special formulas for the musculoskeletal and digestive system. The best is not yet good enough, and therefore, we set high standards for our work: We face the challenge of further developing our product range, research in the area of equine nutrition and solving problems every day anew. In 2012, we were honoured with the Eurocheval Innovation Award for developing our product „Glucogard“. St. Hippolyt will continue entering new territories, and for example cooperate in the nutritional processing of high-protein soy products that are free from genetically modified components.

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