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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"
Hippocrates of Kos, around 460 bis ~370 BC

The physician Hippocrates knew the essential effect of diet on the well-being of an organism. At St. Hippolyt, we live by this principle everyday with our philosophy, "Feeding like Nature ". Throughout history, we have used the power of natural foods to maintain health in humans and animals. This is the challenge we have set ourselves in our HorseCare-series. "Care ": welfare, protection or treatment and this together with Hippocrates' principle is exactly what St. Hippolyt products are designed for.

Using our scientifically approved nutritional supplements and diet food products will help make discomfort a foreign word. HorseCare-products assist in supporting your horse’s metabolism; and a well-balanced and healthy diet is the best possible way to achieve this goal.

Feeding is one approach

Nutritional problems in horses can be traced directly to poor feeding. Therefore, the right product selection is decisive to resolve nutritional problems quickly and in a natural way. Our HorseCare-series puts an end to diet-related health disorders such as: muscle tension, lameness, recurring digestive or respiratory problems, skin diseases as well as mental disorders. An increased need for nutrients in certain situations. e.g. stress or shedding or during convalescence, should be covered by HorseCare-products in order to prevent or to resolve these health issues. Likewise, genetic susceptibility, hormonal disorders or during competitions may require an increased energy demand that has to be compensated.

Natural and effective

In the production of our HorseCare-products, we put special emphasis on the biological originality and effectiveness of the ingredients and their synergy-promoting function. Our recipes are not only characterised by the amount of additives, but also by the effectiveness of the raw materials. The natural resources of our HorseCare-product range include health-promoting and metabolic- activating ingredients. Using the power and mysteries of nature to create feeding along the lines of nature itself - St Hippolyt incorporates its principle “Feeding like Nature" into its daily work.

The natural and gentle processing of raw materials allows the integration of these resources in largely unchanged form, which will ensure that valuable nutrients reach the cells.

The make-up and integration of essential natural processes in our recipes usually ensures the desired diet success after a feeding period of a few weeks to a few months.

The perfect supplement

HorseCare’s product range includes a diverse range of carefully formulated supplements. Please feel free to contact the St. Hippolyt for help and advice if you need any information with choosing the right feed or a combination of St. Hippolyt’s HorseCare products for your horse.

The advice team in Schlitz and the scientific product advice team at the Ebert Mill in Dielheim will be happy to answer your questions any time. Contact details are available on the back of the catalogue.

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