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Ecological aspects

MaehdrescherAccording to our principle „Feeding like nature“, St. Hippolyt adds a vast and diverse range of components to its feeds that are rich in vital nutrients and that naturally enrich their nutritional value. Among these ingredients are different types of herbs, home-made cold-pressed oil, corn, barley and wheat germ, components derived from grapes and apples, malt and brewer‘s yeast, fl ax seed, fennel and black cumin seed, but also ocean derived components (algae, coral limestone and Himalayan salt). Valuable tea and spice herbs Herbs are an indispensable component of our unique recipes. Herbs are known for:

  • their all-round stimulating and digestion supporting properties
  • providing phytochemicals as well as micro and ultra trace elements

Your horse will repay your loving commitment with a balanced metabolism, willingness to work and well-being.

Oil seeds and oleiferus fruits

Tradition-MaschineThe cold-pressed vegetable oils in the St. Hippolyt feeds are produced in special sedimentation procedures. In addition to the oil components, St. Hippolyt feeds also contain whole oleaginous fruits - flax seed, sunflower seeds, corn and wheat germ, black cumin and fennel seeds. They provide a wealth of essential fatty acids, particularly Omega 3 fatty acids and valuable protein structures.

Highly digestible grains

To ensure utmost digestibility of St. Hippolyt feeds, the production process includes

  • schonende Verarbeitungsverfahren zum Schutz hitzeempfindlicher Vitamine, Enzyme, ungesättigter Fettsäuren und Sekundärer Pflanzenstoffe
  • activation of the grain‘s germination processes after careful cleaning and washing
  • use of tempered water to start the maceration process which results in the grain‘s activation of enzymes
  • hydrothermally decomposition of the grain by using steam
  • rolling and drying of the grain in a final processing stage

GersteThe careful processing methods protect the ingredients‘ valuable nutrients and produce easy digestible cereal flakes of highest quality with a delicious roasting flavour.

Biofermented products

The mash created during the malt production is a result of organic grain fermentation. During mashing, the malt is activated with water. The subsequently resulting enzymatic reactions then give rise to the creation of substances that not only stimulate appetite and promote digestion, but also strengthen the immune system and make the entire feed ration more digestible. The fresh yeast derived from some fermentation processes is also a rich source of B vitamins, beta-glucan and nucleotides, which are all beneficial for the energy production and for a good digestion.

Wholesome and natural

Experiences gained from long years of feeding studies and scientific research have confirmed the positive aspects of organic mineral substances and trace elements. Therefore, we feel it is more than justified to produce St. Hippolyt feeds without any artificial flavourings, binding agents and preservatives and to rely on natural preservation methods. Herbs, garlic, vitamins, molasses and different kinds of vinegar specialties ensure the natural preservation of the feed instead.

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