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New vital nutrients in equine feed

Why do horses need nucleotides?

The term nucleotide refers to the natural building blocks of the genetic substance DNA and its carrier molecules which are made from RNS (ribonucleic acid). The horse‘s future appearance - but also its performance capability and most of the other individual properties - most of these features are already fixed in the nucleus of the DNA long before the birth in form of a genetic code. The metabolism finally gets this genetic potential started. The RNS-molecules are the link between DNA and metabolism as they transmit the orders of the DNA to the metabolic system. DNA and RNS depend on each other to organize all metabolic processes. No life would be possible without nucleotides, DNA and RNS.

New cells need new DNA and RNS

Forschung-Dr-MaryczIn order to regularly renew and to let cells and tissue grow, a sufficient quantity of nucleotides as central building blocks for producing DNA and RNS has to be provided. Part of it is newly synthesized in the body, another part is salvaged from the DNA of worn body cells and from the cells of forage plants.


When should nucleotides be supplemented with the feed?

KERNormally the inner and outer nucleotide sources are sufficient. In case of high physical demands, illness or maternity, the nucleotides can run short. In order to support the horse with such challenging situations, it makes sense to supplement the conventional feed with nucleotides as the horse can only digest a small amount of nucleotides derived from forage plants.

What is special about PSB®-complex?

The PSB®-complex represents a particularly high-developed form to supplement conventional feed with nucleotides. Following decades of research, it is now possible to exactly adapt the composition of the nucleotides in the PSB®- complex to its individual physiological purpose. Only then is it possible to successfully benefit from nucleotide supplementation with high performance horses or for regenerative effects. The positive effects of supplementing PSB®-nucleotides:

  • an improved oxygen utilization in the desired aerobic zone
  • enhanced work of the muscles in the aerobic zone (see figure 1)
  • more efficient work of the heart
  • substantially decreased production of lactate (see figure 2)
  • reduced release of stress hormones
  • reduced liver stress
  • increased immune status

Measurements on a highspeed treadmill (University of Liège): the conventional feed of six horses was supplemented by the PSB®-complex („nucleotides“) for four weeks. Five horses were not fed with the PSB®-complex („control“) under otherwise identical conditions.


Figure 1: The heart of the horses fed with the PSB®-complex („nucleotides“) continuously pumped more blood per heartbeat through the muscles which proves to result in better muscle work in the aerobic zone.


Figure 2: Horses being fed the PSB®- complex („nucleotides“) produced considerably less lactate after performance. This is an obvious sign to reduce muscle fatigue. ging com- F

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