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Success confirms St. Hippolyt-products

Michael-Freund   Jessica-Kuerten   Lars-Nieberg

Michael Freund,
the fourtimes World Champion is one of St. Hippolyt horse feeds‘ most dedicated fan for almost 20 years. Although young in years, his son Marco already won the 2012 German Carriage Driving Championships.

  Jessica Kürten
is one of the ten best show jumping riders worldwide. She places great emphasis on an appropriate diet to keep her high performance horses fit. And the results prove her right.
  Lars Nieberg,
the friendly gold medalist, is today running the Gestüt Berl in Sendenhorst near Münster. He was one of the first athletes to achieve top results worldwide with St. Hippolyt products.
emma-hindle   Oliver-Luze   dorothee-schneider
Emma Hindle
is one of the most successful dressage riders. The Brit is living in Erbach/ Forest of Odes, and as she knows about her responsibility for her four-legged partners, she decided to feed St. Hippolytproducts - and top results confirm her decision.
  Oliver Luze
believes that if you want to have a champion, you have to treat your horse like a champion. Appropriate feeding is an important key to achieve this goal. Oliver and Katrin Luze have been living and training horses at the Gestüt Fohlenhof in Hassloch/Palatinate since 2011.
  Dorothee Schneider,
„St. Hippolyt provides a wide range of high-quality products to support the well-being and positive work ethic of our beloved four-legged companions and completely match their individual nutritional requirements. The faces of our horses always reflect their joy when they are looking forward with anticipation to the daily feeding.“
heinz-stoeckle   reinhild-moritz   morey-fisk
Heinz Stöckle
of the thoroughbred stud Osterhof in Bavaria (Oberallgäu) says: „The brand St. Hippolyt is the epitome of highest requirements when it comes to horse feeds. The wide range of products leaves no desires open for our stud. The brand is on an equal footing with the most noble horses of the world, the pure Arabians.
  Reinhild Moritz
Master of Equine Management and stud manager at Kauber Platte: „We place highest demands on the feeding of our breeding and competition horses. St. Hippolyt matches all these requirements to our entire satisfaction“..
  Morey Fisk
I am very happy that I started to feed my horses with St. Hippolyt feed and supplements. I noticed the difference very soon in how my horses look and perform. I also appreciate the professional service that we all here received from the St. Hippolyt team. What I really like about this company is, that they put a lot of time into the research, all products are of an excellent quality.
lars-wagner   horst-mueller   beate-huke
Lars Wagner
had been member of the German B-eventing team with his stallion Makjet since July 2010. Unfortunately, the polite detective is no member of the team any more due to an increased professional commitment. His successes re_ ect the high nutritional quality of his breeding and competition horses‘ diet.
  Horst Müller
is one of the most successful breeders of quarter horses in Germany and one of the eldest customers of St. Hippolyt. He has been feeding the horses at his stud „Drei Linden Hof“ in the Rhoen Mountains near Fulda with St. Hippolyt-products for almost 30 years.
  Beate Huke
is aqua therapist at the Therapiezentrum Eichenhof Huke, Aqua Training, Wellness and Rehabilitation for horses, in Wedemark/Lower Saxony. „A high-quality nutrition is important for recovery purposes and rehabilitation training of our customers‘ horses. This is the reason why we have been feeding exclusively St. Hippolyt-products for many years!“
Markus Münch
celebrated successes on all important German race tracks. Since 2012, he has been running his racing stable „mm racing“ in Frankfurt/Main. The former professional football player (Bayern München and Gladbach) knows about the value of a healthy diet and feeds his horses St. Hippolyt-products throughout the year.

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