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Garlic … the white wonder bulb

Combining the powerful insect repellent ability with a feel good factor that contributes to the overall health.

Garlic has been for a long time used as a natural insect repellent and its nutrient properties have a notable effect in the organism.

What are the benefits of using Garlic in your horse’s diet?

  • Insect repellent
  • Reduction of harmful organisms in the body
  • Gastrointestinal tract protection
  • Strengthening of the respiratory tract
  • Blood purification and improvement of the blood supply

Natural insect repellent

The activity of biting insects can be significantly tempered by the addition of garlic to the diet, the changes in body odour make them less attractive to biting insects. In addition older horses or those suffering from eczema can benefit from the addition of garlic to support the coat transitioning from winter to spring.

Reduction of harmful microorganisms

For centuries garlic has been used even in topical applications for its antimicrobial properties. Allicin and garlic, both sulphurous active components are the main accountable for this ability. Its high vitamin content helps contribute to a strengthened immune system and overall effect on health.

Worm and fungal control

Garlic contains phytonzides, plant-produced compounds which have an antibiotic effect. Together with the components of the volatile oil the extract of garlic appears not only to have antibacterial properties but it is also effective against fungal infections. At the same time it is effective against many worm species (endoparasites).

Protection of the intestinal tract

Garlic also helps improve the habitat of microorganisms in the intestinal tract, as the population of pathogen bacteria is repressed in favour of a healthy gut flora. In addition garlic activates the generation of digestive exudates and helps gut motility.

Strengthening pulmonary function

Garlic supports not only the defence against fungi and bacteria in the lungs, allicin, one of the active components of garlic also helps to liquidate the tough bronchial mucus so it becomes easier to cough it up.

Blood purification and improvement of blood supply

Garlic contributes the blood purification through the regulation of blood fat, blood sugar and cholesterol, these properties can help horses with the metabolic syndrome.

Garlic contributes to optimise the cardiovascular function on several ways. Among others the fluidity of the blood and with it the blood circulation is improved.

How is garlic fed?

Knoblizem Nr-90HC-12007Knoblizem - the favoured feed supplement for horses

Knoblizem is a successful combination of the highest quality garlic, herbs amongst which rosemary, peppermint, coriander play important roles and vitamins of the b-complex.

  • High-quality garlic
  • With fruit and vegetables
  • Mild taste

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