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Biointelligent Nutrition

A perfect supply with energy-releasing substances, providing nutritional support and boosting health, makes the horses look beautiful. Besides, it ensures strong nerves and a perfect physical potential and resilience. It is not only a question of selection, quality and natural variety of all feed components. Moreover, St. Hippolyt follows new paths to optimize digestion and to improve the relationship between nutrition and physiology with biologically reasonable refining procedures. “Feeding like nature” – St. Hippolyt’s approach to keep equine nutrition as natural as possible has reached a whole new level.

Lecithin micelles with turbo factor

The organism leaves part of the valuable vital substances in the feed unexploited before excretion, because the transport of many nutrients through the intestinal wall into the blood is too slow. Our new liquid products "Qelan" for horses and "Canigard" for dogs considerably reduce the unexploited excretion. By means of a new complexation procedure, it is possible to preserve the vital substances with unprecedented biological mineral availability.

Tiny little drops (micelles) are produced out of the vital substances, encased by pure lecithin. Because of their small size, which, however, exceeds the nanoscale, and the "slip effect" of the lecithin, the vital-substance-lecithin-complex easily penetrates the intestinal wall. Compared to non-complexed nutrients, the rate of resorption is three to four times higher. We call this the "turbo factor" of the micelles. The concentration of functional nutrients such as L-Carnitine, vitamin E, C, coenzyme Q10 and the joint protective glycosaminoglycan in the target tissue is considerably higher with an even considerably higher effect. An improved physical and metabolic potential are the benefits for the organism. The cell protective and anti-aging effects of vitamins and joint developing substances can also be improved. It is worth mentioning that it is no longer necessary to use the otherwise usually processed synthetic surfactants as technical excipients with the in-house complexation procedure. This excludes the potential chemical danger for the sensitive cell membranes.

And we stick to our principle "Feeding like nature".

Additional information on the advantages of lecithin-coupled nutrients can be found in the descriptions of Quelan and Canigard (see index, page 3).

Fermentation and vinegar extraction

For the last few years, the Ebert Mill in Dielheim has been increasingly using the natural finishing processes of pre-germination and fermentation for its St. Hippolyt horse feed. Barley and corn are pre-germinated before they are hydro-thermally flocculated. Brewer's yeast cultures, malt and sweet whey are carefully fermented before they are added. What are the advantages? In the pre-germination and fermentation, enzymes and valuable micro-organisms convert part of the starch and the sugar in the sense of a pre-digestion into short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids ensure a better energy yield, and they entail less digestive and metabolic risks than starch and sugar. The activated herbal and yeast enzymes contribute considerably to a better digestion of starch, protein and fat in the small intestine. The organism is able to absorb a higher percentage of the main nutrients in the feed - a consequence that allows saving component feed. However, what is even more important - the pre-disposition for flatulence, diarrhoea and colic can be reduced.

The fermentation process of brewer's yeast, malt and whey is controlled in such a way that a certain quantum of vinegar is produced. This naturally derived vinegar has more advantages for the wholesomeness of the feed and for the health of the digestive system. Vinegar has a cleansing effect and it mitigates as spice many disease-causing bacterium, viruses and fungus. It also connects to the starch and ensures that the starch-induced changes in the blood sugar are very moderate. This is especially good for horses that tend to insulin resistance with an increased risk for equine laminitis. Competition horses benefit from a more balanced performance basis as the blood sugar is always available at the same high level and without any setback effect (low blood sugar).

With developments of this kind, St. Hippolyt occupies a leading position in the nature-oriented nutrient technology - for healthy, but nevertheless high-performance horses.

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